Female Orgasm Ivy & Pine Tetas

Female Orgasm Ivy & Pine  Tetas

You come over and hug me
You start kissing me and feeling my chest
You slip in your tongue while one hand slowly runs down my stomach down to my dick
You grab my dick and massage it slowly as we kiss harder
You lay you down and start licking my body while still massaging my penis
You move down and start licking my dick and begin sucking it lightly
Gradually getting faster
In and out
In and out
It’s so warm
I start to explode so I take it out and let it spray on your stomach
Then move back up and lick it all off
You move away from it and you lick the cum off of your face and blush
You wait for me to recover and take my cock back in your hands and start pumping up and down again
You wait for it to get hard and move your hand up and down faster
Faster and faster
Around my cock
You take my balls in your hands and squeeze and I moan
You lie down and take my balls into your mouth and start sucking on them
You take my cock and put it in between your breasts and I start titty fucking you
I push my dick up and down between your cleavage
I push it through and through and I start Cumming on your chest
The liquid makes my dick move faster and you open your mouth and it slides right in
You take the rest of the load in your mouth and swallow
Then you take the oil and rub it all over my body
You caress my arms and legs
Rubbing oil on my hard abs
We kiss for what seems like an eternity
Then I ask are you ready…. Her tits had to be at least a C cup and the ass was like a bubble.

Hentai: [WintonKidd] Ivy & Pine

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