Prostituta Watashi No Ashinaga Patoron Camwhore

Prostituta Watashi No Ashinaga Patoron  Camwhore

This is a true story no last names will be listed

I am a 21 year old gay male this whole story starts when i was 6 i have 10 brothers 2 sisters when i was 6 years old i was raped and tortured by my older brothers and my father my name is Tim it all started when my mom left my dad use to beat me and my younger brothers who's names will not be listed at this time

well i was 6 years old it started with my brother Matt he use to come into my room late at night and wake me up he use to play with my butt and my dick he use to make me get down on my knees and suck his cock i use to suck him all the time and for some reason i kinda liked it i had no idea why i was 6 i used to wait up for him he would come in and i would be naked waiting for him to touch me suck my cock and rim my tight little hole he would finger me i would moan and ask for more he would tell me you will get some i used to love it when he call me a little slut i use to lick his cock up and down swirl the head in my mouth lick his balls then he would pick me up and sit me on his cock i would ride it and moan begging him fuck me harder matt fuck your little brother then he would fuck me doggy style harder and harder feeling his balls slapping on my ass we use to fall asleep together me in his arms and then he got my other older brothers Nathan and Josh into it all three would come in at night and we would all play me sucking josh while matt fucked my tight little ass nathan would fuck me after matt i would moan common fuck your baby brother please fill me with your cum i want it we would have sex every night they started fucking my little ass two cocks at a time i got use to it after the 3rd time and i loved it i would beg them to do it in the shower and the woods i was there little whore then is stopped when i turned 9 all three of my older brothers moved out due to my dad kicking them out thats when the horror started in my life with my father

it was a month after my 9nth birthday my dad started hitting me and my little brothers but mostly me cause i was a faggot he use to stick cucumbers up my ass just to hear me scream he would beat me with his belt on my bare ass till i couldnt even sit down to go to the bathroom then is got worse he would call all his freinds over and sell me for sex i would beg him to stop he would shut your mouth you little whore i heard you and your older brothers i know you like taking cocks up your ass and mouth now your gonna get a real mans cock his name was Rob he was my fathers friend from work he came over one day grabbed me my the arm so hard he popped my shoulder out he tied me to them bed on my stomach with out even warning or nothing i felt his huge cock fly full speed into my little ass i started to yell and scream all he did was say shut the fuck up and take it like you want it i begged him to stop and he punched me in the side and broke 2 of my ribs he continued to fuck me i was crying and bleeding from my butt then all of a sudden he pulls all the way out and slams right back in filling me with his cum i heard talkign in the backround it was rob and my dad rob said you got a little slut there my dad said anytime come over and use him thats when i heard another guys voice my dad said hey tommy you want a peice of my son all i heard was get ready boy then all of a sudden i was punched in the head and knocked out i woke up hanging with my hands tied together i was naked i looked around i was in the garage then a guy walked in and said your awake all i could do was moan in pain the guy came closer and smacked me and said your ready for my cock boy all i could do was cry i was tied to some kind of bungee he sat in a chair below me with his cock in the air and he just pulled me down right on his cock all i could do was scream it was like he didnt have to do much work hed just pull lightly and i come down on his cock he fuck me for what seemed like hours he fucked me till he came inside my ass that same night i had to go to the hospital due to i couldnt breathe and my dad didnt want a dead child on his hands he told me to tell them i was raped and he found me in a ally he said if i didnt he would kill me i was 9 i believed him and thats what i said i faked a description and was kept there for a week then let home this continued on till i told the teacher at my school cause she asked me why i couldnt sit down and i told her why all my brothers and sisters were split up and my dad was killed by the cops cause he shot at them so he would be killed i went to his funeral and did what i could i pissed on his grave and i do it everyweek till this day

i have alot more stories but good ones i had to get this off my chest
please leave me comments thanks again for reading
then next few stories i will post are regarding my life but in a good way and the only reason im writing these stories is cause a freind told me it would be good for me there will be ones of me in the military and school and alot more i have to write that cause i need 5000 words or i couldnt post this story lol thanks again. .

Hentai: [Kouta Hirano] Watashi no Ashinaga Patoron

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