Desnuda Okki Joi

Desnuda Okki  Joi

It all started back when I was 15, both my parents had to fly to the states for buisness and I was home alone with my dog, Sammie, she was a husky with beautiful white fur and cute blue eyes. Namorada Touhou – The Demon Of Gensokyo. Chapter… Sammie then started to lick at my penis, I turned my seat around so she had easier acess to it, she licked furiously at my dick, obviously loving the taste, and then she put her paws on my knees and licked the tip, as soon as I felt the urge to cum, I stood up and pulled at my dick, releasing the hot white cum, onto my beautiful Sammie's head and onto the floor.

Hentai: [Pixiv] Okki (28659792)

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