Twistys Mami-san No H Na Hon – Puella Magi Madoka Magica Tanned

Twistys Mami-san No H Na Hon - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Tanned

Looking at the pendulously built saleslady, he ordered, “Off with your skirt and panties, then sit down and spread your legs!!! When she was seated and spread, Drew nodded to the blonde and she quickly attached her mouth to the gaping slit of the middle aged lesbian!!! “Is she a good cunt lapper,” Drew asked the lesbian!?!” Her shallow breathing already had given him the answer, but he wanted to hear her say it!!! “Y-yes, she's very good, ohhhhhh, god, she's so goooooood!!!” After a few more minutes of watching the two strangers doing it, Drew ordered the young blonde, “Okay, stop sucking her pussy and do her nipples, and you, masturbate for me,” he said to the lesbian saleslady!!! The young blonde quickly found a large nipple and began nursing on it like she was a baby, while the lesbian began furiously frigging her hot erect clit!!! Drew slid his hand inside the blonde's jeans, found her clit, and gently massaged it until both she and the lesbian were having an orgasm together, while both of them collapsed in each other's arms as the blood drained slowly from their engorged sex organs!!! Deciding to have one last bit of fun with the two of them, he left them with the message to stay exactly as they were for the next five minutes, that is, with the blonde burying her head in the lesbian's big chest, and then, for both of them to regain their normal self control at the same time!!! “That oughta be good for a few laughs,” Drew said with a chuckle, as he left the store!!!

Back at office, his secretary, stuck her head in the door and asked if there was anything he needed before she went to lunch! “No,” he replied, “I think everything's just fine, just fine!!!


Hentai: [H na Hon. Ya san. (akki)] Mami-san no H na hon (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) [digital]

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[Hなほん。やさん。(あっきー)]マミさんのHなほん。(魔法少女まどか☆マギカ) [DL版]

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