Amatoriale Laundry Day Putas

Amatoriale Laundry Day Putas

“So about that name?” Steve asked when they were done, “Well I been researching that fist video you showed me of the young blonde being forcibly spitted and found that it was real and her name was Jessica, that’s the name I want” Mike or rather Jessica now replied, “OK then Jessica it is from now on until I spit you, you will be called and referred to only as Jessica” Steve said, “Sounds good to me” Jessica replied with a sigh and fell asleep on Steve’s bed. Several hours later Jessica was wheeled out of the operating room with her chest bandaged up, “The surgery went fine, she is on pain medication and will be a little tipsy for awhile but you can take her home now and let her sleep for a few hours, leave the bandages on for about a week then you can take them off” Dave said as Steve walked over to him, “So is that it?” Steve asked, “Yep, let her hair grow out for a few weeks and continue the hormone injection and in about a month you should not be able to tell she was ever a man to begin with” Dave replied, “what about the lower half?” Steve asked looking up at Dave, “Yes I thought you might ask about that, her lower half is fine, you can continue using it, just don’t touch her breasts for a few weeks” Dave replied as Steve thanked him again and wheeled Jessica out to the car and took her to his house.

Hentai: Laundry Day

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